Scented Aromotherapy Candle

Scented Aromotherapy Candle

Aromatherapy candle.

100% natural. Hand poured. Made in Sheffield.

Every Hallam Candle is individually hand poured in small batches at my little, Sheffield workshop. I use the best ingredients available to provide a natural candle to fragrance your environment. I only blend 100% pure essential oils with plant wax (rapeseed & soy), providing aromatherapy benefits that only natural brings🌱


Scents avaliable
Happy - Bergamot & patchouli

Sleepy - Lavender & chamomile


available in three sizes and come complete with a natural finish, timber lid.

Small (140ml) lasts approximately 25 hours, medium (200ml) , approximately 30 hours and large (300 ml) approximately 35 hours.

Trimming the wick before burning every time will help provide a longer lasting, safer flame.

Please refer to the care and safety information on your candle.

Hallam Candle is fully CLP compliant.
HC blends are free from paraffin, synthetic fragrance & animal products.