Grey night blossom print

Grey night blossom print


Botannical Art, Moon Print, Collograph Print, 7x9",Grey Pink, Small Wall Art, OOAK Moon Art, Fine Art Print.

A collograph refers to a collage of materials glued on to a "printing plate," made of cardboard. When the glue is dry, it is shellaced or varnished so that it can be painted with printing ink or acrylics. Paper is placed on top and it is passed through a printing press or paper can be pressed on to the surface to produce a print. I have used found plant material to make these botanical moon prints.

As each print is unique they make up a variable edition of 10 monotypes.This fading dawn moon is the fifth out of 10.

Title "Grey Night Blossom"
Image Dimensions 7.25 x 9" (18.5 x 23 cms)

Like many of my monotypes this was inspired by haiku

"Evening moon
On the lute
Plum blossom falling"


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