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Alex McArthur

Sheffield is my adopted home where, with a background in Design education, I have established my art practice in painting and printmaking. Skies, trees, seas and landscape have inspired me for as long as I can remember. The landscapes I have experienced in Ireland (where I was born), Scotland and locally all feature in and influence my work.

Keeping an allotment in recent years has given me a new perspective on the natural world. I have been having regular walks in the woodland around Sheffield have allowed this influence to feed into my most recent work and have been making paintings based on trees. I think I find the solidity and texture of the trees somehow reassuring

in our present circumstances.

Since completing a Masters in Fine Art I have been exhibiting my work both at home and abroad and in 2020 I had my first solo exhibition (just before lockdown!). My favourite printmaking technique is monotype and I love this painterly form of printmaking for the surprises it throws up in colour, form and texture. I am experimenting with water based printing inks on my small x-cut press as they are kinder to the environment, as well as my hands. Water based inks are so much easier to clean up too! I am available for private tuition and workshops. When possible I am available for private tuition and workshops.

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