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AGS Product Submission Form

Thank you for listing your products and work with the All Good Stuff Sheffield shopping site Please be aware that you are responsible for the dispatch and delivery of your item once you receive a notification of your sale. We are working to a standard 3-5 working day delivery to customers. If you require a bespoke shipping setting for your product listings, please indicate on this form and we will contact you to discuss your requirements. As per the sales terms in store, there is a sales commission on all items of 25% of sale price. 100% of Postage fees charged in addition to the sale are passed to you. Disallowed items: CBD products, vape and smoking accessories, aerosols, adult material, batteries, explosives, waste, live creatures, lottery or gambling items. If you are unsure if you product falls into any of these categories, please contact us to discuss before submitting your form. Enter your product description here:

Item Name Item Weight Item Size Made of….. Colour: Allergies or irritants present: Vegan friendly? Cruelty free? Sale Price: Standard postage or bespoke required? SKU: Number of items available for stock inventory:

Return this form together with your product photos to your AGS contact or enquiries@allgoods

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